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Rainbow Dash by Chibi-Katie

First of all, I am loving the overall pattern. It looks very similar to the shape of Rainbow Dash in the show. I love her glaring look/expression; I think it's one of my favourite features on her. XD She looks really determined in whatever possible adventure or task she's going to take part in. The colours for this plush are perfect; the blue and purple in her mane and tail really stand out. As far as critique goes, I suggest working on her mane style a little more. To me, her 'bangs' look a little too puffed up, so maybe next time don't add so much batting/stuffing. :aww: I also suggest practicing making 'sharper' points/edges/tips for her mane and tail. (I'm still struggling with this personally. XD; ) I'm loving the wing shape, especially the feathers. :D I personally think they turned out really well, though they do look a bit limp, so maybe put some stuffing in the base of the wing, where it connects to the body (if that makes any sense), to stiffen it some. :aww: Aside from these things, she looks lovely! :D I totally commend you for making her. :aww: In my opinion, she'd have to be one of the most difficult ponies to make because of her mane and tail, so lovely job! :clap:
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Chibi-Katie Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
Thank you for this ^-^ i do understand that the mane is to puffy that was my only concern but as for the sharp edges i dont do that because they just never worked nicely with my style of sewing and my style of art i try to do chibi forms and i have noticed makeing more rounder but pointyish seams help much more and look better just in my perspective

as for the wings i like to make them flimsy and my customer wanted them this way but they are feathers so there is no need to stuff them since there are designed to be thin and im still tweaking with ways to make them stay up its also for the customer to play with with and pose them for fun ect..
lonesome-wolf-child Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're so welcome! :hug: Puffy or not, it still looks really good. :aww: Ahh I understand, about the sharp edges. :nod: It's all good. :aww: Each artist has their own take on things. :aww:

Ahhh okay. :aww: I was going to say, if it's what your customer wanted, then ignore my comment. :) But fair points all 'round. :aww:
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